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Dear Xfans,

The First XP-Pen Animation Contest has come to an end. We got more great animations than we expected, nearly 160 submissions. Thank you for your enthusiastic participation and support in this animation contest so far.

We also know many aspiring animators via this contest.

It's our first time to hold an animation contest, we hope you did enjoy this activity and love all the submissions as we did.

The results of the winners are now announced as follows:

Remember - #XPPenanimationchallenge

There have been a lot of times in my life when I get really frustrated and I want to give up. Especially with art. Sometimes I feel depressed. The thing that always helps me come out of it, is when I realize that I forgot my passion. I forgot the reason why I like to make art, and what made me fall in love with it in the first place. Sometimes other people help me remember, sometimes I remember because of other art/animation that inspires me. And that helps me change the perspective in my mind, to find my passion again and to pick up my pencil and continue making art.
a perfect use of movements in the fight, good strokes, and I liked the characters. The lip-sync is really appreciated and the backgrounds emphasize each scene.
Really great work all around! You have a really good directorial sense. The designs and storytelling were great. I especially like the flashback image where we see her graduating main character mech pilot academy, 'cause the girl on her right looks like a rival character! And the image of her dad taking her to see these mechs being built.. you managed to communicate a lot of worldbuilding details in a very short period of time. Your grasp on action is impressive too. I'm also really impressed by the voice acting talent you found... very resourceful, and the final product came out great! My only note is just that I'd love to see this with more cleaned-up line quality, though I'm sure you would've accomplished that with some more time. This was a really ambitious undertaking!

#XPPenanimationchallenge │Change: Procrastination

So, my entry is basically just an interaction with an animator, and procrastination personified who mocks the animator constantly. After breaking the animator's tablet,(which ironically enough mine broke down so some scenes may look a bit janky) summons Fenix and help the Animator in facing procrastination. Everything starts to become jojo-esque as the animator prepares to fight. But before the actual fight, the animator wakes up, still has unfinished animation and finds motivation in real life to stop procrastinating.
The animation was very smooth and the proportions of the characters were on point. The shift to the anime style was executed well. The only critique I have is the dialogue was a little quiet compared to the background music. The humour and overall message was great, love the JoJo reference!
My animation shows the story of a dandelion growing deep in a forest. He needs sunlight to grow but can't get any through the canopy so he decides to find a change in scenery. Initially changing his roots to run after the sun, climbing the trees and finding help from a fox.
The events in the animation are inspired by my own experiences trying to become an animator. I grew up in a household that strongly discouraged my dream to become an animator. I had to change my circumstances to be happy, to be free to make my own choices. Some changes were difficult and came with risks, but those changes have brought me so many more opportunities.
Young Magie Lite, a young girl, fell into a world where an exciting art journey is waiting for her! Along the way she meets Fenix the Fox as she relives her future self's art journey to help realize her version of the future not to give up on what she started. It is up to Young Magie Lite and Fenix to convince her future self in form of a dream to change her mind and restart on art again.
I am Hannah Danielle Esguerra, an 18 year old Animation Student from the Philippines. I create Art and Animation as a hobby. I wish to pursue a career in Animation ever since I discovered such art method during 5th Grade. I also like bananas as much as I like animated films.
The intro begins with a junk boat traveling along the Singapore River. The island has changed from a small fishing village to a modern high-tech city.
Let's zoom into the life of a young girl, living in a flat. She was searching for a Digital Pen Display. She came across the 1st Animation Competition organized by XP-Pen. She had a recollection of how her father was an animator. Whenever he works, she will be near him. The tools he used were traditional items like Acme Hole Puncher (to produce papers with registration markings), Animation Disc(to trace every piece of movements of each drawing), Cel paints (to color individual acetate cels) and a copy stand with a camera and lights to capture each drawing to produce an animated film. She dashed into her father's study room to look for the animation desk. When she tries to revive the tools, they are either spoiled or gone missing. She cried in despair. Suddenly, Fenix came to the rescue! He introduced himself. He listens to the difficulties that she faces. Fenix took out his magical Stylus and swings into action! By transforming the Animation Desk into the New Artist Display 24 Pro! Fenix introduces how this Pen Display can assist her to produce an animation film! By changing the traditional methods of producing an animation to a modern digital way! She was excited and quickly assemble the pen display in her room. Once all the cables are connected, she begins her "adventure" of animation. Fenix have once again made a new friend! Hurray!
It is about a young girl going through her first hurricane/storm and how the experience forces her to grow up and change. It was inspired by my own experience during hurricane Maria; I was 17 then, somewhat sheltered, and the disaster opened my eyes to many things, both good and bad.
The song was written by me and it is a mixture of the Taino language (the natives that inhabited the Carribbeans), Latin and a bit of Catalan, since the Taino tongue was never fully conserved. It's about the Taina goddess-spirit Juracán (the origin of the word hurricane), and her two helpers, Guatabá and Coatrisquie, who herald her arrival with rains and thunder.

Congratulations to the winners!

Note that if XP-Pen finds out and confirm that any of the winners did not follow any stated rules in the contest bases, the "winner" status will be removed instantly.

We will contact the lucky winners by e-mail after 72hs of the announcement. If you are the winner, please check your email, spam folder, or write to to ask for the awards directly within 7 days.

Not doing so will result in your disqualification as a winner and the election of a new one.

Thank you again and see you next time!









Don't miss the first animation contest of XPPen!

CHANGE is happening all the time.

It can be as big as stone age becoming digital world, it can be as small as green leaves turning yellow.

Time is going, water is flowing, birds are migrating.

The only thing that is promised in life is CHANGE.

Can you describe a CHANGE which inspired you most in your life, with a short animation?

If you are a winner, you must contact us within 10 days after the date of the announcement. Not doing so will result in your disqualification as a winner and the election of a new one.

All animation software of the awards, Cartoon Animator, are sponsored by Reallusion and they have a perpetual license, with no monthly fees, nor expiration dates.

Cartoon Animator is a 2D animation software designed for both ability of entry and productivity. You can turn any drawings or images to animated characters, props and scenes instantly.

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The animation is 10-100 seconds in length (Recommend), but it's okay if your animation is over 100 seconds. And please be focused on the theme 'Change'


If you have YouTube channel, please upload the submissions to your YouTube channel with the hashtag #XPPenanimationchallenge in the title. If you don't have a YouTube account yet, upload your animation entry and the thumbnail image needed(1280x720 pixels, ratio 16:9, no more than 2MB) via a file transfer website(google drive preferred). Both of the submitting ways should write to to inform us to check and download your entries. XPPen will reply to you via email once your work is approved(48h approx.)


Please add a short description to introduce your animation and yourselves when you write to to allow us understand your entries clear and easier.


You are freely to create any character, background or sound. If possible, we prefer the mascot 'Fenix' can be included in your entry.


Submissions can be 2D, 3D, mixed media, stop motion, picture-stream or anything else you can use to animate a story. Most importantly, please make sure the submissions can be played smoothly. We hope the animation can have a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels (720p), subtitles and sound.


All the entries must be original and accurate. Copied works or any sensitive content( extremely violent imagery, or intolerance towards any culture/religion/gender/etc) is not allowed and may lead to disqualification.


Animation must be free of copyright issues. Do not use copyrighted characters, music, or other elements, unless you have the legal right to do so.

I'm Rafa, also known as soyrafaAnimacion; In the last three years, I have been dedicating most of my time to 2D animation, always using XPPen tablets. My style is all about cartoons and cute stuff. At the moment, the animation is more like a hobby that although it occupies lots of time, it's something that I'd love to do.

My free Animation course:

Hello I'm Llama Arts. I've been animating horror stories on YouTube for 5 years. Over that time, I've accumulated 2.4 Million Subscribers and over 275 Million views.

I'm an independent animator with a BFA in Animation. My student film 'Welcome to Hell' has garnered a cult-following of artists, writers, cosplayers, and fans, with over 11 million views on youtube, and I'm currently working on a follow-up! I've been doing animation and storyboard work in TV animation since 2015. Notable industry gigs have been MTV and Adult Swim, Buzzfeed Unsolved, and Sega's 'Citizens of Space'. I was also part of the team that produced the animated shorts for Ninja Sex Party's live shows, and their music video '6969'.


Hey I'm  Al3xDonut and I am a Youtuber who is a lover of drawing, I've been dedicating in animation hobby for more than 3 years here.

Get the result of the contest firstly.

A: Please forgive us can not ship to the Africa, Middle East, South America and Mexico.

A: If you are certain someone can sign the parcel definitely and sent it to you, then it is acceptable.

A: The top limits are 2 entries, and you could revise your works before June 16th.

A: No, welcome to join the challenge whatever how old you are.

1.Interpretation and the clarity of the theme

2.Creativity, completeness, and ORIGINALITY

3.Quality of artistic composition and overall impression

XP-Pen encourages you to share the entries to Instagram Twitter or other platforms to get higher feedback. Good luck and enjoy it.


Entrant grant XPPen to share (with credit) the submission in social media and any other promotional activities it chooses.

If any entrant used other person's works element in the submission, please proof you have got the approval from the artist.

If there is any work submitted is suspected of plagiarism or copyright infringement or unapproved usage from the original artist, they will be disqualified from the contest instantly.

By winning the contest, your works will belong to both you and XPPen. We promise not to use your work for commercial purposes; only for advertisement unless any other agreement is reached with the winner.

For example: If XPPen wished to add these animations in business cards, in our websites, brochures, posts, picture books and leaflets for advertising and promotion purpose; in the packaging of our products, on print media and digital media product package for public display; also on printed materials at exhibition booths or retail outlets etc.

If there was a wish to directly use the works for commercial purposes (making sellable products derived from them), XPPen will reach a deal with the winner to set up percentages, royalties and other clauses that would have to be accepted by both sides in order to make it happen.

The established 72hs for the announcement of the winners will allow people to know them and check if they don't comply with any stated rules in the contest bases. If we find out and confirm that any of the winners did not follow any of these bases, the status of "winner" will be removed from them.

Prior to submitting artwork, all the participants are responsible for carefully reading and understanding the terms and conditions and fully agreed before taking part in the contest.

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