When I installed the tablet, Clip Studio, Toon Boom and TVPaint all work fine. Strangely enough, when I installed it for the very first time, Photoshop AND SAI worked fine. It wasn't until I restarted my computer that SAI and Photoshop stopped working.

SAI: The cursor doesn't even move when I use the pen.

Photoshop: It is EXTREMELY LAGGY that it just doesn't work.

SAI still works when I start the computer in safe mode, but Photoshop CS6 always remains extremely laggy (to just not working) when I use the pen, but goes back to normal when I move the mouse. I tried toggling the Windows Ink options, it didn't fix anything. I uninstalled, rebooted, reinstalled, tried again, nothing. Tried reinstalling with anti-virus OFF, nothing. I have no other tablet drivers, I used to have WACOM but I removed it as soon as I got this tablet.

I believe it is another driver or program that is conflicting with the pen in these specific programs, I just don't know what. It is strange because both programs DID WORK with the pen when I first installed it... I have the latest driver for XP-PEN and I've tried everything...

Its the 2 programs I use the most too :(